Our Vision

To provide a source of information on all things accessible tourism that will help anyone with special requirements make more informed decisions about their next holiday.

It’s all about Accessibility in Tourism

Can Go Everywhere has been created to provide information about accessible accommodation, eateries, tourist attractions and more.  We’ve done this to help seniors, people with disabilities, the less mobile and families with prams find places that can cater to them.  Whether they require wheelchair accessible accommodation or just need to know they don’t have to climb over the bathtub to get into the shower, CanGoEverywhere.com.au will help.

Although, there are many travel and booking sites around, none of them cater specifically to those who have special requirements, potentially making planning and booking a holiday a nightmare.

Many businesses claim to be ‘accessible’ – and perhaps they are – accessible to public transport, to the beach or to the shops – but as far as accessible to someone with a mobility issue? Maybe not.

Our site is unique in that any premium business that is registered with us has completed a self assessment questionnaire which allows us to provide very specific information about the services they offer.

This helps our members to make informed decisions about their next holiday.

Can Go Everywhere is still in its infancy, but with your help we’ll have a veritable fount of knowledge on both national and international destinations before you know it. We’ll also be developing an app so you can take us with you wherever you go.

To do this we need your help. Become a Member of the CanGo family and tell us about the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done. Support the website by using it to search out accommodation and services for your next holiday and give us reviews and feedback on your experiences.

We provide this service to you for free, but we do charge the businesses listed here a small fee. So for them to keep supporting us, we need you to support them. Click through to their website from ours so they’ll know how you found them.

You can also support us by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Doing our bit for a sustainable future.

We here at CanGo believe in doing our bit to reduce waste and go green where possible. As part of our efforts we have chosen to use a green data centre to house our servers. As one of the largest consumers of power on any power grid, data centres need to actively look at reducing power consumption and reducing their carbon footprint. The centre we use believe in utilizing the latest technologies to maximize power conservation without hindering availability, redundancy and resiliency. With many technologies available, they turn to The Green Grid for proven and tested technologies and methodologies enabling smart energy efficient facilities in Canada. From simple power conservation solutions such as motion sensitive light switches and low voltage lighting, to complex Free Cooling solutions, they invest in research and deployment of Green technologies. With additional high efficiency technologies such as Cold Air Containment, their facilities are able to increase cooling availability and reduce computer room air conditioner unit output.

Customer Service Policy

Customer service is very important to us, so whenever you have dealings with CanGo staff you can expect to: